Great Article On Alex Horner Featuring Trost Sliders


Pro Video Coalition ran an article on director Alex Horner’s four day Tyler Fernengel BMX shoot inside the abandoned Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. The video has received more than four million views. In the article Horner speaks extensively about how his Trost slider made this very difficult shoot much easier.

Check out the article here.

Watch Alex Horner’s Tyler Fernengel BMX session video for Red Bull below:

Trost Offset Plates are Here

Today we’re introducing offset baseplates for the Trost M-series camera slider. This completes the offset design of the M-series. With both offset carriage and offset baseplates, you can now float your camera in mid-air, even when the slider is sitting on the ground or on tabletop


Why is this a big deal? Because an offset orientation gives you clearance *under* your camera at all times. This lowers the center of gravity to an absurd degree and gives you a flexibility of operation that is impossible on any other slider, at any price.

The offset plates cram Mitchell, 3/8, 1/4, c-stand, and cheese plate into a compact package that can also be dropped right on a table and supported via little rubber feet that are built-in. We also added a bubble level.

Offset means your tiedowns will clear without stacking up a cumbersome pile of risers and adapters.

There is really nothing else like it. We’re really excited to finally be at this point.

We also somehow got the whole thing to fit in a standard Pelican 1720 case. So pop open your Pelican travel case, pull out the Trost M-series with offset plates, and you’re good to with virtually any mounting option – with zero setup time.

Words don’t really do it justice, however. You should see it to understand why this is so useful. We demo the new offset plates in this video:

The offset plates will be available fall of 2015 – maybe earlier if enough people express interest, so we can get a production run going.

Bob Gundu reviews the new M-series for

Bob Gundu has reviewed the new Trost M-series slider system for As fans of Bob’s reviews have come to expect, it’s thorough, comprehensive, and does a great job of exploring the mounting and rigging options available with the system.

The Trost M-series is here

Today we are introducing the Trost M-series camera slider. This is a complete redesign of the slider system with many improvements and new features.

What’s new:

– Mitchell carriage standard on every slider
– Leveling 100mm bowl to Mitchell adapter included with every slider
– Mitchell baseplates standard, with built-in 3/8, 1/4, and c-stand support
– Ultra low-profile design for low center of gravity
– Cantilevered carriage – accept any tiedown, no risers necessary, point camera straight down.
– Ultra compact – weighs 17lbs, supports 560lbs
– Mitchell with removeable/stowable key for easy rotation on a Mitchell mount

The M-series will replace the original Trost slider. If you own the original Trost slider, you will find that the split collars underneath the rail and the folding stud puck on top of the carriage can be detached and mounted on the new Trost M-series slider.

Upgrades and trade-ins:

We are offering two different ways to move from the original Trost slider to the new M-series slider:

1. Upgrade. Send us your original Trost slider, and we will upgrade it with the new M-series carriage. The new M-series carriage includes Mitchell mount and a leveling 100mm bowl. Upgrades cost US$299 + shipping for the Trost 100, Trost 75, and Trost 50, and US$399 + shipping for the Trost 100×50.

2. Trade-in. Send us your original Trost slider, and we will send you a brand new Trost M-series slider in exchange. Trade-ins cost US$799 + shipping for a Trost 100, Trost 75, and Trost 50, and US$1499 + shipping for a Trost 100×50.

The Upgrade option is more cost-effective, while the Trade-in option gets you the new rail and new Mitchell baseplates. A Trade-in will ship out to you more quickly than an Upgrade, since we don’t need to rebuild your slider.

We have worked hard to provide these cost-effective options to current Trost owners. It was you who jumped in early, and we appreciate your support.

If you are interested in arranging an upgrade or trade-in, please contact Gabe at

Sold out! (temporarily)

Thanks to a very hectic first 48 hours, we’re now sold out.  Luckily, we have more parts on the way and we should have a new batch built up within the next few weeks.  If you’re interested in one, it would be a good idea to sign up on the waiting list.  People on the list will be notified first when new stock comes in.

Hi everyone. Trost sliders are here.

Below is our press release for the launch of Trost™ sliders. We’ll have more updates here as we go, including the full story of our adventures attempting to squash a Trost with a 1983 Toyota Tercel.


Trost™: A New Kind of Camera Slider for the Toughest Shots on Earth

A durable, ultra-precise, single and dual-axis portable camera dolly

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Trost Motion today announced the availability of a new kind of camera slider, tough enough for antarctic expeditions but so precise that it can be used for long lens and macro photography.

Although it weighs only 15 pounds, a Trost™ can support fully-kitted RED and Alexa packages up to 560 pounds. Camera motion is so precise that it opens a new world of product photography – slow tracking shots across the face of a wristwatch, the bubbles on top of a caffe latte, or a gemstone set in a ring – all of these shots become possible and repeatable.

Trost™ sliders can also be combined in a 2-axis configuration, giving camera operators remarkable flexibility and lightning-fast setups.

“The design of the Trost™ slider was informed by three principles,” said Derek Trost, Lead Designer at Trost Motion. “Smooth, flawless camera movement; durability and reliability in the field; and a simple, elegant aesthetic. In the process, I think we’ve created a truly remarkable new tool for filmmakers.”

“We believe that this is a new kind of optical instrument, as significant as a new kind of camera,” said Gabriel Cheifetz, co-founder of Trost Motion. “If you think of all the camera slider shots you’ve ever seen, they are almost all wides and mediums. Camera movement in long lens and macro shots has been nearly impossible to achieve. We’ve now changed that, and the new filmmaking possibilities are very exciting.”

Trusted by the Experts

For the last two years, Trost™ sliders have been field-tested by some of the most demanding camera operators in the world. Emmy® and BAFTA award winning cinematographer for National Geographic’s “Untamed Americas”, David Wright, took a Trost™ 100 to the Bering Strait to film walrus for the BBC.

“Using a short slider mounted on top of a fluid head is a great way to quickly and easily adjust the camera position to ensure that you never miss a shot, even if an actor doesn’t quite hit their mark,” David says. “The quality engineering of the slider ensures that camera motion is precise and repeatable.”

Cotton Coulson, photographer/videographer for National Geographic and co-founder of Expedition Workshops (, shot on a Trost™ in Antarctica.

“The slider was beautifully constructed and smooth, and provides great opportunities for ‘reveal’ shots. Very solid construction, precise, and smooth,” Cotton said.

“This is the only field-ready camera slider out there,” said Michael Ascher of Warm Springs Productions, an early field tester for Trost™. Warm Springs used Trost™ sliders to shoot “Mountain Men” for A+E Networks.

Revolutionary Design

The design of Trost™ sliders combines several innovative features:

– Precision steel movement makes ultra-smooth camera motion possible, even in the case of long lens and macro shots using CMOS camera sensors.

– A unique rotating quick release system allows Trost sliders to be quickly set up and repositioned quickly by a single operator, saving on-set time and expense.

– Two Trost™ sliders can be combined to provide 2-axis camera positioning (patent pending).

– A self-centering drag control allows the operator to dial in precise amounts of friction, making extremely slow camera moves possible (patent pending).

– Baseplates offer 3/8″ and 1/4″ holes, as well as concave wells accommodating c-stand ends, and allow the slider to be repositioned radially without being detached.

Trost™ sliders are available in three configurations:

– Trost™ 100 – 1 meter slider

– Trost™ 75 – 75cm slider

– Trost™ 100×50 – 2-axis slider pairing a 100cm and 50cm axis

Trost™ sliders are available for purchase at the Trost Motion web site ( in packages starting at US$1,299.

Copyright © 2013 Trost Motion. All Rights Reserved. A+E Networks is a registered trademark of A&E Television Networks in the U.S. and/or other countries.

For further information, please contact:
Gabriel Cheifetz
Trost Motion
4204 East 34th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406