More configurations, more shots

Trost camera sliders are easy to carry around Trost sliders are packed with features that make them quickly and easily configurable in the field. In most cases, no tools are required.

This translates into more shot options and reduced setup time, crew size, and cost.

Advantages for an operator

Adjustable drag
Adjustable Drag
(patent pending)
Dial in precise amounts of drag for smooth carriage movement at different speeds
Mitchell Mounts
Mitchell Mounts
Mitchell mount carriage on top, Mitchell mount baseplates on the bottom
Removable Mitchell Key
Removable Mitchell Key
Mitchell mounts have keys that can be removed and stowed to allow for rotation of the slider.
Wide variety of mounting options
Wide Variety of Mounting Options
Under the slider are Mitchell, 3/8, 1/4, and c-stand mounts
100mm Leveling Bowl
100mm Leveling Bowl
Includes leveling 100mm bowl to support 100mm ball heads. Drop in a reducer ring (not included) for 75mm ball heads
Single tripod operation
Single Tripod Operation
Operate heavy camera rigs on a single tripod, with zero measurable deflection of the rail
Tripod and stand operation
Tripod + Stand Operation
Add extra stability by supporting one side with a tripod and the other with a C-stand or light stand
Ultra low-profile
Ultra low-profile
Less than 3″ (7.62 cm) in total height keeps center of gravity low
Supports heavy camera rigs
Supports Heavy Camera Rigs
The heavier the camera rig, the smoother the movement. Supports up to 560lbs
Vertical and inclined operation
Vertical and Inclined Operation
Mounts on tripod head for operation at any angle
2-axis configuration
2-Axis Configuration
(patent pending)
Add a second Trost slider for 2-axis operation (patent pending)
Easy under-slung operation
Easy Under-Slung Operation
Easily mount the carriage below the rail for under-slung camera operation
Self Cleaning
Remove grit or dirt from the rail by simply running the carriage back and forth across the rail