The Trost M-series is here

Today we are introducing the Trost M-series camera slider. This is a complete redesign of the slider system with many improvements and new features.

What’s new:

– Mitchell carriage standard on every slider
– Leveling 100mm bowl to Mitchell adapter included with every slider
– Mitchell baseplates standard, with built-in 3/8, 1/4, and c-stand support
– Ultra low-profile design for low center of gravity
– Cantilevered carriage – accept any tiedown, no risers necessary, point camera straight down.
– Ultra compact – weighs 17lbs, supports 560lbs
– Mitchell with removeable/stowable key for easy rotation on a Mitchell mount

The M-series will replace the original Trost slider. If you own the original Trost slider, you will find that the split collars underneath the rail and the folding stud puck on top of the carriage can be detached and mounted on the new Trost M-series slider.

Upgrades and trade-ins:

We are offering two different ways to move from the original Trost slider to the new M-series slider:

1. Upgrade. Send us your original Trost slider, and we will upgrade it with the new M-series carriage. The new M-series carriage includes Mitchell mount and a leveling 100mm bowl. Upgrades cost US$299 + shipping for the Trost 100, Trost 75, and Trost 50, and US$399 + shipping for the Trost 100×50.

2. Trade-in. Send us your original Trost slider, and we will send you a brand new Trost M-series slider in exchange. Trade-ins cost US$799 + shipping for a Trost 100, Trost 75, and Trost 50, and US$1499 + shipping for a Trost 100×50.

The Upgrade option is more cost-effective, while the Trade-in option gets you the new rail and new Mitchell baseplates. A Trade-in will ship out to you more quickly than an Upgrade, since we don’t need to rebuild your slider.

We have worked hard to provide these cost-effective options to current Trost owners. It was you who jumped in early, and we appreciate your support.

If you are interested in arranging an upgrade or trade-in, please contact Gabe at