Trost Offset Plates are Here

Today we’re introducing offset baseplates for the Trost M-series camera slider. This completes the offset design of the M-series. With both offset carriage and offset baseplates, you can now float your camera in mid-air, even when the slider is sitting on the ground or on tabletop.

Why is this a big deal? Because an offset orientation gives you clearance *under* your camera at all times. This lowers the center of gravity to an absurd degree and gives you a flexibility of operation that is impossible on any other slider, at any price.

The offset plates cram Mitchell, 3/8, 1/4, c-stand, and cheese plate into a compact package that can also be dropped right on a table and supported via little rubber feet that are built-in. We also added a bubble level.

Offset means your tiedowns will clear without stacking up a cumbersome pile of risers and adapters.

There is really nothing else like it. We’re really excited to finally be at this point.

We also somehow got the whole thing to fit in a standard Pelican 1720 case. So pop open your Pelican travel case, pull out the Trost M-series with offset plates, and you’re good to with virtually any mounting option – with zero setup time.

Words don’t really do it justice, however. You should see it to understand why this is so useful. We demo the new offset plates in this video:

The offset plates will be available fall of 2015 – maybe earlier if enough people express interest, so we can get a production run going.